Mug of cleaning problems

         We know that more and more mug loved by people, but the cleanliness of the cup was overlooked. The surface looks very clean, if you do not regularly clean the cup, it may contain a lot of bacteria inside. Just as we like the surface looks very clean skin pores actually contains a lot of garbage, so easy to acne. Like regular tea cup would certainly have tea scale, and tea scale contain cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metals, seriously endangering our health. And a female friend in the remaining cup lipstick is also very easily absorbed air of harmful substances and pathogens. So clean the mug becomes heavy and heavy.

         Since Unlike mug cup, his capacity may be large than the average cup, especially some wide mouth pot, travel pot, are relatively large, relatively deep, it is generally not a good cleaning. Like most frequent travelers like to bring someone travel mug, use it to make tea, although able to drink hot tea, but also easier dirty cups. Clean the problem became a big problem, if we just rinse it with water just is not enough, a lot of dirt adsorbed on glass top. How to remove tea dirt or grease that it?

Hello everyone we teach methods of decontamination recipe:
1, squeeze some toothpaste brushing back and forth in the inner wall of the cup
2, scrub with a broken egg shells
3, with a sponge dipped in rubbing salt can be easily removed
4, potato skins to add to scrub, can be coupled with toothpaste swipe the better, and finally rinse under like most main is the safety of these cleaning agents can be assured that, unlike general cleaning agent is a chemical substance synthetic, and to the oil works well. Do not cover the lid after cleaning the first dry to avoid mug stink.

         If a friend is love tea, but also travel frequently, I suggest you use our cup of this tea, because tea mug often the case, it is easy to dirty cups, regular cleaning is very convenient, especially on a business trip. We are one of the main features of this tea cup, that is easy to clean, we can see that he can be open at both ends, can be split into three pieces, so it, wash it well, we can directly hand the cup the inner wall of all places scrub it again. It is important to have the same thermal insulation function. There is also a main feature is that he can achieve convenient tea separation function, we know that some people versed in tea, tea concentration, temperature, demanding, we this can be very simple to do. Because it's this function ah, but also cleverly solved mug of tea due to bad insulation and foam problem.


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