What to drink milk mug should pay attention to?

         Summer, in hot weather, many families are using homemade soya milk, drink a glass of milk every morning, healthy affordable and convenient. However, some friends wear more milk, you can only drink the leftover milk mug filled with big, back to the office for the day as a daily beverage to drink.
         According to the advice of experts, on the mug of milk, preferably within four hours drinking, otherwise, soy milk is perishable, the health consequences of drinking. Milk is rich in vegetable protein, nutrient rich, but also easily lead to bacterial growth, so the best is now grinding to drink milk at room temperature should be finished within two hours,
         At around 50-60 degrees Celsius, mug it became bacterial culture, a large number of bacteria after breeding has not been obvious corruption, the people's sense of taste alone may not be able to identify them, in addition, the need to pay attention to, if not the stainless steel inner mug bile, milk certain ingredients, soluble mug liner inner wall scale, often drink detrimental to the body.


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