When buying sports bottle must pay attention to

  Compared with other Shuiju sports bottle, because it is durable, safe, reliable, convenient insurance, according to personal preference and can have different colors, style, pattern selection, has become a basic configuration for outdoor enthusiasts. With the rise of the domestic outdoor sports, develop and continue to grow and flourish, sports water bottles sold in the country is increasing year after year.

  How to choose the reassuring, affordable, safe drinking sports bottle has become an important issue can not be ignored.

  After careful comparison and research, generally, to buy sports bottle points can be summarized as twelve characters: durable, safe, reliable, convenient insurance.

  "Rugged" The key is the pot body material and wall thickness

  Sports bottle is made of aluminum, aluminum products China as a big country, a complete range of products, in terms of material selection, all manufacturers are different, many domestic kettle brand labels using 99.5% pure aluminum, but the reality is not so, most manufacturers are even using recycled aluminum.

  Another factor is the thickness of the kettle, kettle wall thickness of the general movement of 0.7mm. Because the average consumer is difficult to distinguish sports bottle wall thickness, some manufacturers to reduce costs, will be opportunistic in order to save the kettle wall thinning materials, and some manufacturers even wall thickness to 0.5mm. Judgment kettle pot wall thickness of an intuitive feeling that if in the hands contrast, thinned kettle will be lighter weight.

  If purity aluminum sports bottle selection is not high, or wall thickness cut corners, in use, it is easy because the collision or falling and depression, wrecked even burst. Generally, the higher purity aluminum sports bottle selection, wall thickness standard, sports bottle the better the strength and toughness, resistance to impact and shock are also stronger. Of course, the better the quality, the cost and the price will be increased accordingly.

  Critical "secure" the inner coating of the kettle campaign

  As we all know, excessive intake of aluminum, harmful to human health hazards caused by relatively large, within sports bottle coating is to isolate the problem to solve: the movement of water within the kettle, juice, milk, coffee and other beverages with aluminum pot body to isolate come.

  Kettle sports bottle coating composition is 20% more than the resins, additives about 1%, the rest are solvent. Sports bottle quality is good or bad, whether the most important determinants of safe and reliable, first within the coating material itself is safe, will not bring harm to human health, in addition to that in the coating spray is sprayed inside the kettle quality uniform, sticky attached firmly, and achieve the necessary thickness to ensure the beverage and aluminum pot body isolation reliability.

  Intense competitive pressures forced the export, in order to reduce costs, increase competitiveness, domestic manufacturers use most are inexpensive coating materials, and is limited to the size and strength, it is difficult to ensure that equipment and technology within the sports bottle coating spray quality, so the choice of goods when we must look at is which company produced, it is best to select a number of professional, quality assurance business.

  Sports bottle inner coating of food grade must meet health requirements, but due to lack of supervision and inspection, the current domestic sports bottle products, in addition to several large manufacturers, numerous other cheap products flooding the market within the coating almost all There are different degrees of problems.

  "Convenient" The key is whether the structure is integrated lid

  General movement of the kettle lid and lid gasket is composed of two parts. During use, the general sports water bottles because of the quality, however hard, washers because screwed long time extrusion, cold or hot temperature factors in the spout tight by sticky part, even from the lid, bring trouble to use , and sometimes loss of impact kettle again.

  Good sports bottle using secondary injection technology, the lid gasket and direct integration, both reached a good seal, and from fundamentally eliminate the possibility of detachment.

  Key "insurance" is part of the spout sealing

  Sealing spout part depends on the degree of fit between the lid and spout threads. If the agreement is not high enough, in normal use will be possible leakage of water seepage phenomenon, and will use the inconvenience, this area must have a lot of people have had some unpleasant experiences. In addition, almost all of the sports bottle spout thread edges are sharp, although scratched fingers and lips situation is not much, but still occasionally occur. Good sports bottle this will be more humane handling and processing, the thread is made of curved edges, thus completely eliminating the possibility of even a small probability of injuries to fingers and lips.

  In addition to selecting a pattern outside the inner coating quality is not apparent, so they need to be carefully identified:

  1, see certification: the need to pay attention to sports bottle is certified by the relevant first vendor to see if passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, a rigorous certification vendors from institutional manufacturing, quality management will be able to eliminate a lot of problems in;

  Secondly, the products exported to the US through the US Drug Administration (ie FDA) testing and certification; export to Europe through the German Technical Monitoring Association (ie TUV) testing and certification; in addition, depends on the relevant domestic testing and certification: currently testing and certification standards in many respects than compared to other countries, even more stringent, but also a very important reference: The most basic is there through the National quality and Technical Supervision detection, there is the national Sporting Goods specialized testing of quality and Technical supervision and Inspection Center, in addition to the national centers for Disease control and Prevention, detection.

  2, look at the details: good sports bottle, if you look closely at the details there will be some significant performance: good sports bottle surface and interior will be very smooth, did not open at the end, blistering, depression or because of impurities caused by projections; screen printed pattern pot body color uniform, sharp edges, chromatic accurate, firmly attached, no stains; Also in the lid, because different materials, will vary in color, luster and texture, higher quality feel some brands will be on the lid and the bottom of the kettle has a logo.

  3, look at the price: If you think the above identification of trouble, too difficult, then the easiest way is to look at the price: quality, reliable, excellent quality sports bottle costs will inevitably high, the price will not be too cheap. In general, regardless of capacity size, low retail price is relatively low basic sports water bottles are very difficult to guarantee the quality and reliable.

  4, look at the label: formal, sports bottle brand will be responsible product information, usage notes and company information to be clear and accurate labeling, in addition to facilitate the safe use of the purchaser, if there are problems, but also for consumers to contact, give advice, conduct after-sales services.


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