Maintenance of stainless steel vacuum flask method

  1, when not in use for a long time, such as tank should be dry, fully dry.
2, Do not wash with alkaline bleach, metal agents, chemical rags, gasoline, metal wire balls and other products when cleaning. Green, upscale and elegant, with a 12 hours long stainless steel vacuum insulated mug
3, high-quality medical products imported 304 stainless steel, green, non-toxic, no side effects, to achieve national food hygiene standards, products for the two-tier structure, through precision forging, polishing, molding, and the current international most advanced German insulation wall insulation process, so as to achieve the insulation effect 12 hours long holding time. The vacuum flask with PP green plastic outer shell as in cold weather, do not feel the cold in his hand, with this cup, you can always pick on drink steaming water. Tourism is home to carry essential supplies, but also the gift, business gifts ideal gift.


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