Mug warm summer and cold in winter

  The mug in hand, not only from the surface can be given a warm, winter and spring are our skin dry season, but there is so little moisture department, so you can give from the heart of our initial warm oh. In reality, we know how it should go and then the mug it? Let us go explore it!

  Mug is typically coupled by a vacuum layer of ceramic or stainless steel into a water container, the top cover, seal tight, and the vacuum heat insulating layer to make the cup mounted in a liquid such as water has reached the slow heat insulation purposes. Especially cold winter and spring mug, mug played insulation effect is one of the normalization function.

  It is understood, thermos mug is evolved, insulation thermos principle is the same, but it was made ​​for the convenience of the bottle. There are three ways to spread heat: radiation, convection and delivery. And the silver cup mug of hot water can reflect radiation bile, gall bladder and mug cup vacuum can block heat transfer, which is not easy to transfer heat bottles can prevent heat convection. Now thermos, but also the application of the principle of magnetized water, is in the bottom of the bottle and cap plus magnets, so that the water is magnetized.

  Here, the evolution mug everyone clear yet. Summer and autumn we are not needed a cold is cold cup of it? Winter and spring, we are not need a warm fashion companion it? Mug in the summer and autumn to give you the feeling of fashion delicate Icy! For you in the winter and spring in bring warm Oh! that is, before this article also describes Speaking of "mug guarantee" warm "Paul" cold "dual-use."


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