The four selected mug details

  Mug is one of the most common household items, cold weather friends will love to drink for themselves and their families to prepare a. But many brands mug species diversity, quality is also good and bad, consumers how to choose mug, mug in the selection when it should pay attention to what matters?

  An appearance. Form handsome mug will be lovable when, of course, also depends mug of technology, work details, the interface will not be fine, mug mouth edges will smooth and flat. A mug exquisite workmanship, representing manufacturers of emphasis on product quality.

  2, material. Stainless steel mug must be food grade 304 stainless steel, it is best to use 304 steel liner in order to ensure mug dissolved heavy metals used to hold the amount of water is not exceeded, including lead not exceeded. Cheap 201 or 202 stainless steel cup heavy metals dissolved amount is more than 100 times 304 steel. Shell then it does not matter, both inside and outside 304 steel, plastic inner cover, identification easier, smell no taste can be. The best material is PC, PC material placed in boiling water and cook the inside there is no taste, no deformation.

  3, see the cover. Good mug are used within the normal cover made ​​of PC material, no smell taste, brightness plastic good, smooth. Lid easier to clear, do not appear there are less than hygienic cleaning blind spot, it looks too clean to clean, hygienic use.

  4, tighten the lid. A good quality mug, unscrew the lid to play should be fairly smooth and silky, 360-degree spin with a uniform intensity. Mug is used to drink every day open tightened several times, if one started from the lid screwed on the severity of uneven, or screech, this mug will be broken before long long cap, appeared frustrated and leaking.

  In addition, the need to explain that, in the course of using the mug to avoid the collision and impact, so as not to damage the cup or plastic, causing insulation failure or leaks. Tighten the plug when force should be appropriate and not excessive force rotation, so as not to screw buckle failure. When the regular consumption of coffee or a drink, mug liner will change this is a normal phenomenon, a toothbrush with toothpaste to clear.


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