Do not use tea mug: blisters temperature 80 ℃ is appropriate vitamin damaged

  Enjoy food is an uplifting thing, but because the high-paced modern life, forcing people to diet has undergone a drastic change, but who knows improper diet will accelerate our death, so that our life becomes shorter.

  1, do not eat breakfast:

  Hazard: Severe Shangwei, so you can not work full of energy, but also easy to "look old."

  Suggestion: try to make delicious breakfast foods, appetizers; sufficient quantity and better quality; small size, high heat; preparation saves time and effort; in the choice of food on to note diluted with dry, both meat and vegetables. If time really rush, you can bring some cookies or something to eat.

  2, dinner too rich:

  Hazard: When blood levels of insulin in the evening for the peak day, insulin allows glucose into fat condensed on the vessel wall and the abdominal wall, too rich to eat dinner, over time, people will be obese themselves. Meanwhile, the duration is usually longer hearty dinner, but also destroy the body's normal biological clock, people are likely to suffer from insomnia.


  First, eat dinner earlier, can greatly reduce the incidence of urinary tract stones.

  Second, eat dinner elements. Dinner must be partial elements, in particular, should be more intake of some fresh vegetables to minimize excessive protein, fatty food intake.

  Third, dinner to eat. General requirements calorie dinner supplied meals throughout the day to no more than 30 percent of total calories.

  3, eating too fast:

  Hazard: The heavier the burden of gastroenteritis, leading to obesity. Eating too fast, the food is not adequately chew food is not conducive to the mouth and salivary amylase preliminary digestion, increase the burden of gastroenteritis; chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still over-excitement, over time, is easy due to bulimia and obesity.

  Recommendation: should eat slowly, allow more time to eat.

  4, water shortage:

  Hazard: The cause brain aging; induced cerebral vascular and cardiovascular disease; affect renal metabolism

  Recommendation: drink plenty of water, wash the toilet.

  5, fruits and vegetables as a staple:

  Hazard: Causes the body lacks protein and other substances, nutritional imbalance, or even cause disease

  Recommendation: Use fruit as a staple of the time, we must first look at their physical suitability.

  6, postprandial smoking

  Hazard: smoking a cigarette after a meal, poisoning is greater than the sum of ten cigarettes usually suck. Because after people eat, the stomach and intestines to enhance blood circulation, then the body's ability to absorb smoke into the "best" smoke toxic substances enter the body more easily than usual.

  Recommendation: comprehensive smoking cessation.

  7, mug of tea

  Hazard: The tea leaves with water about 80 ℃ brewing more appropriate, if a long time to soak mug of tea in hot water, just as the boiling water with a slightly different, will destroy the tea vitamins, tea, sesame oil and a lot of volatility, tannic acid, theophylline large number of leaking.

  Recommendation: change cup tea.


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