Mug selection tips

        Cup Pot vacuum insulation products are generally divided into mercury-plated stainless steel and glass liner pots, vacuum stainless steel is mainly achieved using vacuum insulation technology, and some mercury-plated glass liner pots, moisturizing principles and thermos similar. Like general and purple glass mug mug, although known mug, but it is difficult to achieve, the effect is not good, now we buy stainless steel vacuum insulation Cup for everyone to be introduced.

        (1) First look at the cup labels or instructions. Usually manufacturers will have to write a formal product model China, name, volume, materials, production address, manufacturers, standard number, sale, use, and so on. If these are not, then it is a problem.

        (2) From the appearance mug to identify. A look outside the gall bladder and the surface finish is uniform, whether bumps and scratches or burrs; second look at the mouth of the welding is smooth consistency, which is related to the feeling when water is comfortable; three to see the inner seal is tight, plug and cup matches; four to see the cup, the more the better round, immature technology will be the case is not round.

        (3) tightness testing: First twist under lid, look lid and cup body is not completely consistent, then add boiling water in a cup (preferably water), and then the cup upside down two to three minutes, to see if there will be water leaking.

        (4) Insulation resistance test: as stainless steel vacuum flask vacuum insulation technology is used, because under vacuum conditions can be done to stop the action of heat transfer to the outside world, so as to achieve the insulation effect. So to detect stainless steel vacuum flask of boiling water into the insulation effect simply

        Cup, over two or three minutes under the hand touch all parts of the cup, look hot not hot, If any part of fever, that the temperature will be lost from that place. Like a cup of local general have a slight fever is a normal situation.

        (5) the identification of other plastic parts: plastic insulation cup should be used in all food-grade, plastic smell this small, bright surface, no glitches, long life aging. Ordinary plastic or recycled plastic is characterized by the smell of big, color gray, glitches and more easily broken plastic easy to aging, long time will stink. This will not only make life shortening mug, but also for our health threat posture.

        (6) the capacity of detection: Because mug is double, so the actual capacity mug and we see there is some discrepancy. Look at the mug inner and outer layers are highly depth or less (usually 18-22mm), many small plant in order to reduce costs, which tend to proceed could affect the capacity of the cup in terms of materials.

        Recognition (7) stainless steel mug material: stainless steel variety, which means that the stainless steel material 18/8 containing 18% chromium, 8% nickel, to achieve this standard materials, in line with national standards is a green food-grade products, anti-rust and corrosion resistance. Ordinary stainless steel cup (pot) Body cup white or dark color rendering will produce rust if placed in a concentration of 1% saline soaked 24 hours, some of the elements it contains excessive, direct harm to human health.

        Consumers often have to pay attention to when buying mug Do not just look at the appearance or name, and whether to look at the instructions as indicated on the insulation, many cup pot products look elegant, fashionable, much like the mug, but the fact is no insulation, consumers just by right mug subjective impression considered mug. So do not commit such a small mistake, must see instruction manual.


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