Industry talent shortage mug

         Eastern coastal areas severely talent shortage, recruitment advertising everywhere, the labor shortage is evident. While away from the central regions of Zhejiang several labor-exporting province close, but equally vulnerable to this impact. Had felt a lack of talent as the industry leader mug.
         Compared with the past, we just hang at the factory gate recruitment brand, basically you can move over the required workers. But last year, we feel more and more serious brain drain, while more and more difficult to recruit people. So last year we started a talent pool plan and implement plans to improve the treatment of talent. Even so it is still no match for the tide of labor shortage. This year in particular, we are recruiting talent strategy enabled the Trinity: through print ads, in the form of TV ads, Yongkang Talent Network and other online advertising, while recruitment activities. But the effect is very general. When to today, there are still a lot of work to recruit talent, like mug design and development aspects still to be recruited a dozen people, need more than thirty metalworking mug, mug, thermal pot Packers need twenty people, warehouse to be more than a dozen people, the driver five people, salesman than a dozen people and so on.
         Obviously the importance of talent for enterprise development has been highlighted more and more competitive enterprises rooted in the talent competition, just grab talent to seize the future.


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