How it is mug smelly?

         Mug winter heat, summer can be cold, very useful, more loved by the users, but as more and more people use, found that many users reactions: mug up easily with smelly, mug not installed beverages or other deterioration things deteriorated, and sometimes nothing installed will still stink, stink mug that is how it happened?

         After analyzing possible reasons are as follows: You may use bubble tea mug, mug because there is no time to clean up the environment is sealed and can not be ventilated, tea easily damaged over time will produce a faint odor if it is an ordinary cup early. it dissipated, and in the mug can not be distributed, increasing in number to form a stench small series have been kind of experience: when is the tea cup (tea function in there under Similarly with mug features), because it is just beginning to sell tea cups, tea everywhere so often filled with presentations, small tea belt, not often change, soak in a cup of tea there are not changed, after a few days found very smelly, it is because of this reason the tea.

         Some people also find that there is no loading or any liquid tea mug sometimes smelly, this is why? Actually, it is the same, we found that after the experiment, we cups of tea, loaded beverage, it is often not very clean clean, especially the bottom of the cup cleaning is not complete, there will be tea scale, grease. these will breed bacteria produce odor. even if we have a user response is a really clean, no tea, dirt, grease mug may also stink. after detailed inquiry we discovered that the users who travel frequently, do not run dry after mug will cover at home, and then a few days, it may be several weeks not because there is within him the cup large amounts of water, in a sealed environment which is always in the cup of water can not get out, the water will deteriorate over time, just as we put the family after a long and stank the same reason with thermos, coffee pot of water, time .

         Mug cold insulation effect, although there is a good side but improper use will be bad side, how to use it correctly mug it?


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